Tips Attending a Book Fair

Professional development
There are multiple paths to achieving a return on investment at a trade fairs, and there’s no rule that says you have to pick just one of them. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Meeting and networking with movers in publishing.
  • Developing marketing collateral.
  • Pitching potential publishers and investors in author's work.
  • Using social media to raise your author profile.

Build up your marketing lists
Pitching potential clients and investors at trade fairs can make even the most expensive ticket worth it, but only if you pitch in a way that people are receptive to. Obviously, it helps to know your target.

Media coverage
The media coverage is a very quick way to get a return on investment. It only takes one advertisement or interview with a major media outlet, and you’re there! The value of media coverage is usually calculated at three times ad rates.

Printed marketing and digital press kit
To catch opportunities that you never would otherwise, consider creating a digital press kit, so you don’t have to pay for printed versions.

Press release
A week or two before the trade fair, send out a press release announcing that you’ll be unveiling the new book /work at the trade fair. This should get you some pre-trade fair buzz to augment your book marketing, as well as promote the book itself.