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2. What are the event-based book fairs you are most interested  in?

Cairo International Book Fair, Egypt (January - February)

Kolkata Book Fair, India (January - February)

Taipei International Book Exhibition, Taiwan (February)

New Delhi World Book Fair, India (February)

Vilnius International Book Fair, Lithuania (February)

Brussels Book Fair, Belgium (February)

Jerusalem International Book Fair, Israel (February)

New Delhi World Book Fair, India (February)

Perth International Arts Festival, Australia (March - February)

Caracas Book Fair, Venezuela (March)

New Zealand International Arts Festival, Auckland (March)

Leipzig Book Fair, Germany (March)

Paris Book Fair, France (March) *recommended

Bologna Childrens Book Fair, Italy (March) *recommended

Alexandrina International Book Fair, Egypt (March)

Brussels Book Fair, Belgium (March)

London Book Fair, Great Britain (April) *recommended

Bangkok International Book Fair, Thailand (March - April)

Quebec International Book Fair, Canada (April)

Sarajevo Book Fair, Bosnia (April)

Thessaloniki Book Fair, Thessaloniki, Greece (April)

Buenos Aires Book Fair, Argentina (April)

Budapest International Book Festival, Hungary (April)

Geneva Book Fair, Switzerland (April - May) *recommended

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, UAE (April - May)

Bogota International Book Fair, Colombia (April - May)

Nigeria International Book Fair, Lagos, Nigeria (May)

Thessaloniki International Book Fair, Greece (May)

Strokestown International Poetry Festival, Ireland (May)

Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival, Turkey (May)

Turin International Book Fair, Italy (May)

Prague International Book Fair, Czech Republic (May)

Warsaw International Book Fair, Poland (May)

Tehran International Book Fair, Iran (May)

BookExpo America, New York City, USA (May) *recommended

Hay Festival, Wales (May - June)

Bookfest Int'l Book Fair Bucuresti, Romania (May - June)

Tbilisi International Book Fair, Tbilisi, Georgia (May - June)

Cape Town Book Fair, South Africa (June)

Seoul International Book Fair, Korea (June)

Tokyo International Book Fair, Japan (July)

Hong Kong Book Fair, China (July)

Paraty Int'l Literary Festival (FLIP), Brazil (July - August)

Melbourne Writers Festival, Australia (August)

Beijing International Book Fair, China (August) *recommended

BookExpo Australia (August)

Sao Paulo Book Fair, Brazil (August)

Moscow International Book Fair, Russia (September) *recommended

Oslo Book Festival, Norway (September)

Lviv Int'l Book and Literature Festival, Ukraine (September)

Nairobi International Book Fair, Kenya (September)

Colombo International Book Fair, Sri Lanka (September)

Goteborg Book Fair, Sweden (September)

Salonului de Carte Bookfest Targu Mures, Romania (September)

LIBER International Book Fair, Barcelona, Spain (October)

Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany (October)

Helsinki Book Fair, Finland (October)

Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair, Canada (October)

International Belgrade Book Fair, Serbia (October - November)

Santiago Book Fair, Chile (October - November)

Sharjah International Book Fair, UAE (November)

Salon du Livre, Montreal, Canada (November)

Gaudeamus International Book and Education Fair, Bucharest, Romania (November)

Istanbul Book Fair, Turkey (November -December)

Dublin Book Festival, Ireland (November)

FIL de Guadalajara, Mexico (November - December)

Doha Book Fair, Qatar (December)

Piu Libri Piu Liberi, Rome, Italy (December)

Moscow Non/Fiction Book Fair, Russia (December)

Pula Festival of Books and Authors, Croatia (December)

Beirut International Book Fair, Lebanon (December)

3. Do you buy or sell book and/or journal rights?

Buy rights

Sell rights

Both buy and sell rights

Neither buy or sell rights

4. Which are the subject categories are you interested in?

Art & Architecture

Biography & True Stories

Business, Economics and Law

Children's & Young Adult

Computing & IT


Food & Drink

Geography & the Environment

Health & Personal Development

Humanities & Social Sciences


Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure

Literature & Literary Studies


Science & Mathematics

Teaching, Language & Reference

Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

Travel & Transport

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