Questions and Answers

Do literary agents charge a fee to look at a manuscript?
No. Augustin-Richard LitAg do not charge a fee to read a manuscript.

Do I have to pay a fee to join an agency?
There is no fee to join the Augustin-Richard LitAg.

How much is the standard commission practices and payments for Augustin-Richard LitAg
Industry standard practice is that literary agents are paid for their work through the commission they make when they sell your book. We take 15% of your total income from the first sale of your book before taxes and, 20% commission on foreign rights sales or translations. If you make any royalties beyond your advance, we will receive 15% of those royalties. This applies for the life of any contract which Augustine-Richard LitAg negotiates.

How much is the standard commission practices and payments on film rights, calendar rights, and audio rights?
Augustine-Richard LitAg will take 15% commission on whatever payment you receive.

Which genre are mainly represented by Augustine-Richard LitAg?
In fiction we represent all areas of romance, young adult, mystery, suspense, science fiction and fantasy, new adult, middle grade, and women's fiction. In nonfiction we represent titles in the following areas: current affairs, reference, business and career, parenting, pop culture, coloring books, and general nonfiction. We also represent children's picture books, short fiction, poetry, screenplays, and techno-thrillers.

Can I ask Augustine-Richard LitAg to give advice on a contract for a fee?
Yes. You may contact Augustin-Richard LitAg regarding contract advice and the agent concerned may quote you a fee for this advice. If you wish to go ahead with the service, the fee will be agreed upon in writing (NB: an email constitutes ‘in writing’ for this purpose).

How do I bring my work to the attention of Augustine-Richard LitAg?
Check the submission guidelines before making contact. Augustin-Richard LitAg prefer email. If Augustin-Richard LitAg wants to look at your writing, they will generally ask you to send in an initial submission by email, according to agency guidelines. They usually do not want to see the whole work at first. For representation, please visit the Registration section and customize your form.

What do I need to include in my submission?
When you send work, you must let the agency know which other publishers or agents have seen any versions of the work. It is generally wiser to get an agent before you try a publisher, rather than the other way around. However, if you already have an offer from a publisher you may still wish to approach an agent to negotiate the deal and contract for you.

Do I need to format my submission in a particular way?
Here are some tips about sending in your submission: Your work it should be composed using a word processing program. Use a simple form of layout and a standard font. Pages should be numbered. Send by email with an attachment

I’d like to send a submission by email – can I do this?
Yes, Augustin-Richard LitAg are accepting electronic submissions.

Can I contact the agency to check that my submission arrived?
If you have not received an email response within eight weeks, send an email to enquire.

Where We're Located?
Augustin-Richard Literary Agency GbR runs from Frankfurt Am Main area, the heart of Germany and online at