Code of Practice

  1. Augustin-Richard LitAg shall not represent the client of another agency or deliberately seek to represent their work unbeknown to the other agent. If such occasion arises it must be in full consultation with all parties involved and written consent provided.
  2. Augustin-Richard LitAg shall not prevent a client from leaving an agency. If a client does leave a member agency, then that agency shall have a continuing right to full commission on contracts which the agency negotiated, except for unexploited rights in those contracts.
  3. All earnings on clients’ work must be paid within 21 days of receipt and clearance of funds from the bank.
  4. No reading fee shall be charged to clients.
  5. A one-off fee for specific advice (e.g. on a contract) may be charged on a per-hour basis. No such fee shall be charged without the client’s prior consent in writing.
  6. Augustin-Richard LitAg must conduct their business lawfully.
  7. Augustin-Richard LitAg must provide in writing details of their terms and commission to a new client. Clients must be specifically made aware of clauses 1 and 2 above.
  8. All Augustin-Richard LitAgs’ clients’ financial affairs are private and confidential.
  9. Augustin-Richard LitAg may not represent a buyer or a seller in the same transaction.
  10. Augustin-Richard LitAg may not accept non-disclosed profit in connection with any transaction.
  11. Avoid uploading non-free images; fully describe images' sources and copyright details, and try to make images as useful and reusable as possible.
  12. Manuscripts /works should cite sources whenever possible. While we cannot check the accuracy of cited sources, we can check whether they have been published by a reputable publication and whether independent sources have supported them on review. Any unsourced material may be challenged and removed.
  13. Consensus among equals is our only tool for resolving content disputes, and our main tool for resolving all other disputes.
  14. The terms are established by Augustin-Richard LitAg GbR.