Do you want to stand alone in a book fair?

Publishing is a business. It’s no easy thing to stand up and represent yourself in international book fairs negotiating your royalties deal in dozens of countries worldwide where publishers showcase their lists, promote new titles and authors, and negotiate rights deals for their books. Often there are procedures which must be followed. You need someone who is able to represent you with professionalism and experience in negotiating your book foreign rights deal when licensing your books rights. If you wish your books and rights catalog to be represented by Augustin-Richard in well-known international book fairs and high profile events where publishing houses, authors, literary agents, book buyers, librarians and booksellers can interact and collaborate, please fill out the Rights and Licensing Registration Form included on the website.

Exposure at Famous Book Fairs

We're tireless promoters of books in fairs. We offers the chance to easily get worldwide book exposure. You choose the place you would like your book to be and, we connect with the appropriate publisher.

Foreign Rights and Licensing Transactions

We negotiate and sell foreign and subsidiary book rights, whether they be digital or print, to foreign publishers looking for acquisition of licensing rights to books already published in other countries.

Royalty Payments on Sales

Books are financial assets, and as such it should gain the largest return on investment as possible. To ensure you are paying the right amount of licensing fees, we are implementing a program to help you report your royalty bearing sales.


For representation, please use and customize the Registration Form.