Rights and Licensing Representation that put your books in the spotlight

Augustin-Richard Rights and Licensing Representation Agency represents publishing houses, agents and individual authors all around the World covering art, photography, poetry, philosophy, fiction, literature, nature, graphic design, languages, medical, health, travel, food, drink, sport and all kinds of general books.

The Agency charges a membership fee based on your chosen rights and licensing package and the book fairs level included in the membership. In order to list your book titles and rights catalog available to license with Augustin-Richard, you need to register and create your active Rights Licensing Account. Registering as an author, agent or publishing house, the big gain is that you don't have to go to the international book fairs, the world’s main and most important venue for foreign rights. You choose the books and the fairs you would like to appear in, and we connect with the appropriate publishers. We take care the entire exposure, on-site assistants and represented in the book fair Rights Licensing centre. Registration with Augustin-Richard is an affordable investment in your publishing program. Sign up, upload your book titles and rights catalog and get access to the world most famous book fairs, to promote and sell your books wide range of rights, from translations and reprints, through to media, film and TV and permissions.